All X01 tablers please board the 2020 number meeting!

Round table 101 Harlingen welcomes you to the Netherlands this year, and we’re looking forward to a wonderful weekend and a constructive number meeting.

Please register as soon as possible

See the program.

Frequently asked questions:

You are about to visit Harlingen, which is in the northern part of Holland called Friesland. Friesland has it’s own language and is famous for its own liquor called ‘Beerenburg’, its own sports ‘Fjierleppen’, ‘Skutsjesilen’ and ‘Keatsen’ and was voted as thirth best place to visit in Europe in 2018.

We’re going to show you a few of the highlights of Harlingen and Friesland, for the exact details please visit the program pageWorldmeeting Program

We’re planning to do home-hosting as much as possible, however we do have limited spots so please register as soon as possible. If homehosting options are getting depleted, we will let this know upfront. There are some pretty hotels (nearby)Harlingen, so if you wish we can arrange a hotel as well.

If you have a campervan or caravan please come with your campervan/caravan. We can create a mini campsite at a few of the tablers places

€ 300,00 per person, please pay in advance. Billing details can be found at the registrationpage.

There is no official post- and pretour however Europe and the Netherlands are very travel friendly and there is loads to do. So if you want you can arrange something.

This is one of the most pressing issues, there is no place found to host the 2021 and 2022 world meet. Please discuss this in your own table and reach out if you have a solution!


When you come by plane we can pick up you at Schiphol airport. If comes by car or campervan we will off course let you know where you need to be.
Please be aware that not all of our tablers are living close to all the activities so we need some help with carpooling, as cabs aren’t that cheap in Holland.